“Information is beautiful” (or not..)

information is beautiful

Some of these relate to things we have already produced in the class, such as instruction packages, and display of personal data. I find most of these interesting because they all seem to show a large selection of very useful and often historical or categorical data that applies to specific populations of people (based on genre) but is visually intriguing enough to draw other populations in and observe or interact with the provided data.

What do other people think?

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One Response to “Information is beautiful” (or not..)

  1. csmithE says:

    After today’s lecture, I returned to this web page I posted to further analyze the infographics shown. At first I was astounded by the creative usage of information design to give instruction or point out specific data according to genres of particular populations, but now I have had the epiphany and time to realize that although they look cool, a lot of them really aren’t that great.

    My changed opinion could be based on the size of the graphics for each poster and the fact that they are most likely not to scale for each individual infographic. Nevertheless, many of these designs are so convoluted! There’s a lot of information to digest at a time on one page, although some of them distinguish a hierarchy of information through color coding or text size. But I wonder – is that really enough? The data provided is very detailed and meticulous at best, but couldn’t some of it have been more simplified or possibly omitted? If not, I feel as though some other medium should have been taken advantage of because as of now, it looks like the designers threw in everything including the kitchen sink – and then some.